On this page you will find mms-qt, which is a tool for download internet streams using Microsoft's MMS protocol.


There is a program on the Israeli TV which i like to watch, and recently i've found out that there is an official web site hosting video parts shown previously on TV, but they were all in mms format.
Not too long after, i've found the outstanding work major mms did. Major mms wrote both a plugin for xine to watch these streams, and a command line downloader. My little idea was to take his command line downloader and wrap it with a QT GUI. So i did it. Grab the sources from here.

To use the software below, you need to find mms://-type urls out of web pages. These streams are originally designed to be watched using Microsoft's internet explorer, but now also with mms-qt!

The download utility - mms-qt

So assuming you've found an MMS stream you'd like to store on your Hard Drive, all you have to do is download mms-qt-0.0.1.tar.gz.

to use it, simply type

mms-qt mms://...
When the stream is done, the "Done" button will be enabled. Pressing "Cancel" in the middle will stop the download but will still save the partial file.
That's it, simple as that.


A huge thanks to Major MMS, this is his webpage. - I'm pretty sure even that if i could have contacted him, mms-qt would have been much better!
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